I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jill Syme since the inaugural class of Caroline Myss’s Sacred Contracts training in 2003. It has been a privilege to witness her evolution from a student and client into a trusted, respected colleague. Jill is dedicated, disciplined, and insightful, a masterful interpreter of archetypes, archetypal patterns, and symbolic language. She is imaginative, witty, compassionate and, perhaps most of all, honest. I recommend her without reservation as a guide and companion into the mysterious, transformative, healing world of archetypes.
Jim Curtan, Spiritual Director and Senior Staff of CMED

I discovered Jill Syme a few years ago when working with Caroline Myss's Sacred Contracts and feeling stymied to apply the Sacred Contracts insights to my own life. Jill worked with me both as a coach and mentor during one-on-one sessions and as part of a year-long study group. During that process I was able to identify my primary archetypes, come to understand how their "agenda" fit with the levels of chakra work I was engaged in, and how to embrace the wisdom that resulted. I came away from our sessions with thick notebook of insights, as well as a depth of knowledge and self-awareness that I continue to refer to as a source of wisdom and deeper understanding of myself and the path of my life. Jill's insights and guidance have been invaluable - I would not have been able to achieve this level of insight on my own.
Louise Monicelli, Spiritual Director

For anyone seeking a greater understanding of themselves and the meaning of their life’s experiences, I wholeheartedly recommend Jill Syme as a personal guide on your journey. Through her knowledge of the principles revealed in Sacred Contracts, as well as her wisdom and insight, Jill has opened up a new world for me that has lead to an expanded knowledge of myself and my experiences.
Joyce Shilakes, Clinical Social Worker/Co-founder, Transitions for Life

Rarely in our lives, personally or professionally, do we meet individuals dedicated to understanding the complexities of themselves and the world around them. Dr. Jill Syme is that one-of-a-kind person. Jill’s passionate pursuit to explore and heal self and other makes her a unique blend of psychologist, coach, spiritual guide and mentor. Those who have had the honor of knowing and working with her are truly blessed. I have been a friend and co-explorer with Dr. Syme for over 10 years. Having her in my life has been transformative.
Debra Hollander, MD; Psychiatrist; Chair, Behavioral Medicine, Providence Hospital

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