Workshop Two

ReVisioning Your Life

This is an advanced workshop for those individuals who have successfully completed the year-long Sacred Contracts workshop.  In it, you will take the self-knowledge and lessons learned from your Sacred Contracts Chart of Origin to the transpersonal level and relinquish blame and anger, replacing it with the ability to perceive your relationships and life experiences as challenges on the path of empowerment. You will give up the need to be right, experience your “enemies” as Noble Friends, and gain the awareness that will take you from surviving to thriving.

Twelve Sessions:

  1. Recognize that your soul has been shattered
  2. Identify the times you lost pieces of yourself
  3. ReVision your wounds as opportunities
  4. Renounce your victim status
  5. Commit to the healing process no matter how long it takes
  6. See your enemies as noble friends
  7. Stop personalizing your disasters
  8. Look for patterns that reveal your life lessons
  9. Find the gifts within your wounds
  10. Develop panoramic vision
  11. Give up the need to be right
  12. Forgive
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