Making Love Out Of Nothing At All

I will no longer allow anyone to manipulate my mind
And control my life in the name of love.
Don Miguel Ruiz

In 1983 Air Supply recorded “Making Love Out Of Nothing At All.” No song has ever affected me as that one does. I weep each and every time I hear it. Not just a tear or two dripping down my cheek. A flash flood. Initially I assumed it spoke to the love between my third husband and myself. Yet, thirty-two years later, long since we divorced, this song still unleashes a flood of tears, and not for a lost love. And until recently, the answer to “What’s up with that?” eluded me.

Eventually I concluded that “Making Love Out Of Nothing At All” speaks to a sacred contract. Bottom line, it tells the story of my soul’s relentless determination to communicate the truth of who I am that was in such stark contrast with my parents’ verbal and non-verbal messages. My intuition gave me one truth, while my parents put forth another. The deep disparity between the two led me to mute my intuitive guidance for over thirty years. Occasionally messages bypassed my mind’s elaborate security system (my Inner Critic, determined to protect me until I had retrieved enough pieces of myself from the lost and found to discern my true identity).

Sacred Contracts, as defined by Caroline Myss, who coined the term and developed the Sacred Contracts process, are agreements we make before we are born to learn specific lessons. They are distinguished by the frequency and intensity of a repetitive situation, one that when the light bulb finally goes off, reeks of habitual self-sabotage, blame, denial, and a pity party. Finding the gift in the shit instantly dissipates the victim story, revealing the truth that there are no victims, only lessons. Continue reading