Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

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Archetypes are specific patterns of behavior that everyone in a culture shares.  Each of us, both men and women, has within us traits or qualities commonly associated with masculine and feminine archetypes, and each archetype runs the gamut between the highest expression of it and a less evolved manner of expression.

The Perfect Mother immediately brings to mind certain traits and behaviors while the Smothering Mom or the Wicked Stepmother conjure up other images. Today, we even have a Mr. Mom archetype, a stay at home father in a traditionally feminine role.

Imagine, as well, both sides of the Warrior archetype. Superman and Darth Vader, both Warriors, exhibit vastly dissimilar qualities, ethics, and morals. So does the Perfect Father, a family man, protecting, guiding, mentoring, and shielding those under his care versus an abusive Father, a cold, tyrannical, uncaring authoritarian.

The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine represent the ideal archetypal masculine and feminine.

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One Response to “Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

  1. Hey Nathaniel!!!Yes, that’s part of what inspired this line of tinkhing. Obviously a lot of women hate being expected to do themselves up in frilly dresses. OTOH, for some transgender folks, dressing up feminine is the radical act that they desperately want to be able to do. And there exist women who genuinely enjoy fashion and don’t want to be trashed for it as though it means that they can’t possibly be intelligent and independent.I’m glad you like the book! This final edition is what I was waiting for to finish up the serialization. The last chapter will be posted online on June 22. 😀

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