At the age of twenty-nine, a mystical experience completely altered the direction of Jill’s life. Three divorces put an end to the search for Prince Charming to take care of her and set her on a decades-long road to healing her familial wounds. Returning to school at the age of forty-five, Jill completed her BA in Psychology at Antioch, Los Angeles, and went on to earn a Doctorate in Organizational Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology in 1999.

In 1995, Jill interned for a year with a family business consultancy firm while enrolled at Wharton in a Family Business Management Class, and at Hahnemann University in a Master’s Level class in Bowen Family Systems Theory.

In 2004, Jill was among the first to become a Certified Archetypal Consultant through CMED. In addition to her expertise in Sacred Contracts, Jill specializes in relationship issues in family-owned business. She is certified as well to do Soul Recovery, and is a 3rd level Aura-Soma© Practitioner. Jill has come to be known as a ReVisioneer™ for her ability to help people see their lives through different eyes.

Jill developed and led three, year-long monthly Sacred Contract workshops that resulted in significant growth in participants.

In her role as rebbetzin (Rabbi’s wife) at Temple Beth El in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Jill developed an alternative lay-led service where she wrote and delivered sermons. Topics include, “Pushing the Envelope of our Comfort Zones,” “Gifts of a Broken Heart,” “What Ever Happened to Wonder,” “Enslaving Ourselves,” “Adam’s Sin,” “Messiness,” and “Where is the Promised Land?”

"The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”
- Marcel Proust

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