Family Business Consulting

Families run the gamut of dysfunction ranging from the extremes of Biblical families to families who easily work through conflict. Family dynamics are complicated enough without adding business to the mix. In family business, unresolved childhood wounds can become magnified. Logical decision-making is frequently impeded by heightened emotion. Sibling rivalries, perceived favoritism, inequities, and insecurities often create more volatility.

Newspapers are littered with accounts of power struggles between siblings pushed to their limits and parents not wanting to cede control. Wives and mothers take sides, exacerbating conflicts.

Competition for parental approval, financial resources, and organizational position can be fierce, tearing apart families and businesses. Succession planning is frequently avoided lest it exacerbate already strained relationships.

Are you a member of one of those firms that sweep seemingly irresolvable problems under the carpet thinking they will go away? They won’t.

Don’t be a victim in your family or your family business. Get out of the cycle of blame and anger, and expecting others to change. Learn lessons that can help you co-exist more harmoniously in your life and in your family business. Begin to see not just through your own eyes and your own wounds, but through the eyes and wounds of other family members as well.

The solutions to your conflicts may be a change in perspective, a new vantage point. It can dramatically change your life.

As a member of a third-generation business-owning family, Jill is familiar with the range of inherent problems and how to and how NOT to navigate potential minefields, as well as the pitfalls of avoidance.

"The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”
- Marcel Proust

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