So much of what I took for granted, accepted as truth, especially about myself, is untrue. I’ve spent countless hours peeling away the myths I learned in my family, shocked at times to discover all the ways I cannibalized my authentic self to be accepted by them. In the end, I still never felt good enough.

I became angry and blamed others, perceiving myself as a victim. The truth is I limited myself. I sold out. It’s what children do. I lived this way into adulthood, until I found a therapist who challenged the assumptions I was raised with. Above all, he taught me, “There’s always a gift in the shit.”

It may take a long time to find the gifts, but if we persevere, we will find them.

Within our perceived deficits are our assets. Finding them requires mining the stories we have told ourselves, and learning to see them and ourselves through different eyes.

This is ReVisioning, and it can change your life.

"We can achieve a genuine sense of peace about life only by releasing our need to know why things happen in terms of human reasoning and by embracing Divine reasoning.”
- Caroline Myss

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