Sacred Contracts

Sacred Contracts, developed by Caroline Myss, is a powerful method for regaining wholeness. It holds that there are no victims, only lessons. “Each of us is guided by a Sacred Contract that our soul made before we were born. That contract contains a wide range of agreements regarding all that we agreed to learn in this life. Each event, each person of any significance whom we encounter, has an agreed-upon role in our development.”*

Shakespeare’s words embody the essence of Sacred Contracts. “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances.”

To help us understand and fulfill the terms of our Sacred Contract, we are encoded with a set of 12 primary archetypes, four of which are survival archetypes: the Child, the Victim, the Prostitute, and the Saboteur. Eight others are self-selected from a comprehensive list of widely accepted archetypes. Once the 12 archetypal companions are selected, they are blindly placed on the Archetypal Wheel, a 12-house wheel that corresponds to the twelve houses of the zodiac, twelve different aspects of power we have agreed to learn how to manage.

The resulting Chart of Origin is a blueprint of our lives. A certified Archetypal Consultant is trained to interpret the life lessons embedded in a Chart. Additionally, Working Charts address specific situations, and offer guidance on such things as health issues, career decisions, or relationships.

One of the core concepts of Sacred Contracts is that we are never being punished, only being taught. “Most of us are conditioned to convert our wounds into a type of relationship currency that we use to control situations and people.” In the archetypal realm, we relinquish our addiction to the power of the wound/victim, and learn to see beyond the physical meaning of events, instead viewing them as Divine opportunities to complete our Sacred Contracts. The challenge is to learn the lesson instead of resenting the teacher.

Until we are capable of making meaning of the wounds we have sustained and transcend the world of blame, victimhood, fairness, and vengeance, we continue to be mired in psychic pain, unable to heal or have healthy relationships. To learn the lesson is to “find the gift in the shit,” instead of remaining stuck telling the stories of our pasts, asking the quintessential Victim’s question, “Why me?”*

* Caroline Myss

"The journey of life is the unification of fragmentation. Fragments are units of power that are out of control. We make agreements to come and collect ourselves.”
- Caroline Myss

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