ReVisioning - Soul Recovery

We come into this world whole. Birth shatters us. Life shocks us. We are forced to bargain away and disown parts of ourselves to gain acceptance and love. Pieces of our souls flip off as a result of physical and emotional trauma, leaving us feeling fragmented, adrift, and unable to achieve our highest potential.

In psychology, soul loss is termed dissociation. Symptoms of soul loss include chronic depression, prolonged grief, memory gaps, addictions, loss of direction in life, illness, and emotional numbness. Individuals suffering from soul loss often state that they feel as if they have “lost a piece of themselves” since suffering the loss of a loved one, a divorce, sexual or emotional abuse, job loss, an act of terror, or a life-threatening disease.

Any “Shattering” experience can cause a part of our life force (soul) to flee the body as a natural defense mechanism to avoid pain. When these soul pieces leave, we lose access to crucial parts of ourselves, and then become attracted to others who mirror them back to us, expecting them to make us feel whole. We attempt to re-pair ourselves by “looking for our other half.” But searching for our missing parts in others doesn’t heal us.

Soul Recovery is one way to reclaim those missing pieces along with the empowerment their integration brings. Soul Recovery can also remove the unwanted or misplaced energies projected onto us by others.

Native Americans believe that soul pieces remain in the spiritual realm, waiting until someone intervenes to facilitate their return. A trained professional journeys to find these pieces, returns them to the client and provides support and assistance in integrating the information and insights provided by the fragments.

Soul Recovery can help to get beyond feeling stuck in unproductive patterns of behavior. Learn more about this process and how it can help to “re-member" yourself, reclaim your vitality, and get beyond self-sabotaging behaviors.

"The journey of life is the unification of fragmentation. Fragments are units of power that are out of control. We make agreements to come and collect ourselves.”
- Caroline Myss

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